Francesca's Element LLC came to be through the countless hours exploring TikTok during the pandemic and a little push from her Granny Dahling that passed several years prior. In a moment of questioning her future, she realized she was pocket-dialing Granny (who also preserved flowers) and took that as a huge sign that she was on the right path. As a florist for nearly 2 years, Francesca found an incredible love for the floral arts. Floral preservation was the perfect way for her to combine her experience as a floral hostess and the artistic skills she's had her entire life. It was a beautiful harmony of her love for the floral arts and the appreciation of being able to preserve something so special. As the company has grown, Francesca's Element is now a team of 12 of extremely talented, hardworking individuals that thrive on creating beautiful pieces for their clients. Their attention to detail and creative skills make them the absolute dream team. 

The Entire Process

There are 5 Points Of Contact once we receive your flowers and the process has begun: 1) Bouquet Received, 2) Drying Process Completed, 3) Design Proposals, 4) Final Look, 5) Your Pieces Are Ready To Be Shipped! 

The drying process takes, at the most, 8 weeks and we will notify you of your flowers' condition. From there, you will soon receive Design Proposals from our Designers and you'll be able to choose from one of the layouts they create. Upon approval, they will be sent to wait in queue. 

When it's time for the resin process to begin, you should expect an email for you to see your piece before we pour the first layer of resin. This is crucial because what's poured is permanent! Once your collection of pieces are completed and ready for shipping, we'll confirm your mailing address and your flowers will be heading to their forever home!

Pricing For Your Preservation

Our shop minimum is $500. To secure your spot, you can either place a 50% deposit or we offer a discounted price if you pay in full. Make it a priority to add it to your wedding budget!

A typical order usually consists of a block or tray (or both) with a few add-ons. You can also opt to build your order with several add-ons to meet the minimum. The more the merrier right?

Sizes & Shapes

We offer several shapes with varying sizes (square, rectangle, round, heart, arch, hexagon, and bookends). Serving trays are a fun option if you're looking for more functional pieces and you can even add a custom portrait painting for a completely personal and unique keepsake. We also offer different add-ons that you can incorporate your bouquet with such as coasters, keychains, ring holders, wine stoppers, etc!

Every piece we make is as unique as the customers which makes them all the more special. 

If for whatever reason you decide to upgrade or change shapes, that is completely okay, we just ask that you let us know at the time of your Design Proposal so we can have the materials ready to go. Our molds and other materials can take up to 4 months to deliver so we want to be prepared.

6 - 7 Months To Completion

I know, that's a crazy long time! Transparency is our #1 key, we strive to exceed expectations so we are always upfront about any and everything. With that said, we have anywhere between 300 - 400 bouquets on our hands at any given time, thus increasing the length of time it takes to complete orders. We value quality over speed because we want you to have the pieces you envision as they will be with you forever to even pass down generations. 

As a bride, you’re excited and ready to have your pieces back ASAP. We completely understand! This is something that will bring you so much joy & happiness when you catch a glance of your flowers every single day. We want to ensure you have that feeling when you received your piece. In order for us to keep that promise, we have to make sure when we’re working on your pieces, we are dedicating 100% of our attention to every detail, for every order. 

This is a handmade art, not made from a machine, there will always be some small imperfection, however, that just makes your piece all the more unique. Just like you! To minimize imperfections, we do not to rush our process when working with resin. 

Resin art is a very specific, formulated process that doesn’t just happen in one pour and then it’s done. (We sure wish it was!) The average piece takes between 12 - 14 layers, which means it takes 12 - 14 days to complete a piece. Your order is as precious to us as it is to you. We want to make sure we take good care of your flowers so you can cherish those memories for a lifetime and pass down generations to come.


- How soon should I book my preservation?
Honestly, as soon as you know your wedding date. The sooner the better because we have orders 2 years out! Due to the influx of orders we receive, we limit the spots available so we can give our full attention to the orders we do have on hand. Chat with us to see if we have your date available! We don't bite, let's be friends!

- How do I ship my flowers to you?
We have special instructions for our clients for safe and easy shipping! We'll even let you know about the trouble makers if we know about your flowers before you ship such as anemones, peonies, dahlias, flowers like those. Perfect packing and quick shipping should keep your flowers in great shape.

- Can I check in during the process?
Absolutely! Our studio team is always ready to assist with any questions or concerns you may have or if you just want to check in with process. We do our best to update as much as we can so you're never left in the dark.

- Can I add more pieces to my order?
Of course you can, we just ask that you let either your Planner that you booked with know or shoot us an email at francesca@francescaselement.com

- Will any of my flowers change color at all?
As we said before, transparency is key. Most flowers do change color slightly while there are some that can shift drastically. They can dry very dark or very bright but we do our best to let you know as much as we can if we know ahead of time how your flowers will dry. Any color change is just Mother Nature doing her thing and we don't tell her what to do. We cannot control how your flowers' colors shift, regardless of the method used to dry them, there will always be some sort of change. We, at the studio, love how flowers can change color throughout their lifespan. We embrace the change!

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